MoreCreeps and Weirdos Wiki

Greetings to all, I am a huge fan of Minecraft and my all time favourite mod is MoreCreeps and Weirdos. I will try my hardest to improve this wiki to make it a sustainable site for information to provide to those who lack in the understanding of Freakstritch's splendid work. If you know of any stubs on this wiki, let me know instantly so I can expand that article from a stub to an A+ Grade article. I am also the Admin of this wiki, so if there is anything you do not understand or there is a question you would like to ask me then reply to me. Have fun on the MoreCreeps and Weirdos Wiki. Solo Toady.

NOTE: I will get around to writing an article for all 47 mobs, patience please!

Futher Details

Favourite Creep: Robot Ted

Worst Creep: Camel Jockey

Favourite Item: Shrink Ray

Worst Item: Earth Gem

Date I first downloaded MoreCreeps and Weirdos: 19/5/11