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The Diamond Pegasus, I love him. Also his name is paul :) I plan to train him!

I am a Lone Survivor, Terraria, Minecraft, Spore and Chocolate Shop Frenzy fan. I really play alot of games on the computer (PC) 3DS.


  • Favorite color: Light Blue
  • Has the games: Lone Survivor: Directors Cut, Terraria, Minecraft, Spore (with the expansions: Galactic Adventures and Creepy And Cute Parts.), Chocolate Shop Frenzy, Stranded II, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Tower Bloxx Deluxe (PC), Tornado Jockey, Super Mario Bros X, ROBLOX (My user is azaz20rt.)
  • Reccomended games: Lone Survivor: Director's cut (Is on: PC MAC VITA), Spore (Is on: PC IPHONE IPOD IPAD.), Stranded ll (Is on: PC) and Super Mario Bros X (Is on: PC).
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