The Rocket Powered Horse Head (also known as Horse Head) is a flying controllable mob. It can be found naturally or by using a HorseHead Gem found in a Battle Castle or bought from Sneaky Sal. It can be used to get around Minecraft but cannot be summoned indoors.


The Rocket Powered Horse Head does not yield any items that may be relevant to the player. There is a possibility that the Horse Head may be able to yield items sometime in a future update.


The Rocket Powered Horse Head is a passive mob and will not attack the player in any form of way. They can be mounted onto by RIGHT-CLICK-ing while the player is facing the Horse Head. Horse Heads can be used for air transportation in your Minecraft world.


  • V2.10 ADDED: Horse Heads


  • The Rocket Powered Horse Head is one of the very few flying mobs in MoreCreeps and Weirdos.
  • Horse Heads make the same sound as the Hippo when they are provoked.
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