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(This article is about Robot Ted. If you are looking for Robot Todd, click here).


Robot Ted is an aggressive mob that is the arch enemy of Robot Todd. Unlike other mobs, Ted can fly at any elevation, even past the top of the map (which is elevation 128) which would make Ted's texture disappear. Robot Ted drops 16K RAM upon death which can be used to craft an Atom.


Robot Ted yields 1-4 units of 16K RAM upon death which can then be combined with Robot Todd's Batteries to make an Atom.


Robot Ted flies around the terrain bragging about how uncool and lame Robot Todd is, he will kill either the player or Robot Todd if they are spotted by Ted. If Ted spies Todd, they will fight each other until one of them is destroyed.


  • V1.98 ADDED: Robot Ted who floats around bragging about how uncool Todd is. He drops 16K RAM upon death.
  • V1.99 FIXED: Ted and Todd's sound effects switched. No longer can they insult each other


  • Ted is 2 blocks in height
  • Although it states on the MoreCreeps and Weirdos webpage Ted hates the Non-Swimmer, he will not attack the Non-Swimmer at all.