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A group of newly spawned RatMen.

The RatMan is an aggressive mob that won't spawn naturally throughout the game. They only spawn if the player attempts to rip-off Sneaky Sal.


The RatMan will drop 0-2 Raw Porkchops upon death, which means they do not serve much purpose to the game. They also drop sugar cane on death.


As soon as the RatMan spawns, it will immediately run towards the player attempting to attack him or her. RatMen usually spawn in groups of 6-14.


  • V2.10-ADDED: RatMen obey Sneaky Sal and will exact revenge on his behalf.


  • "Come on boys, let's get him."
  • "We won't let you down, Sal."
  • "This one is for Sal."
  • "You won't get away from Sal."
  • "We'll get him Sal, don't you worry."
  • "We're doing a good job, Sal."
  • "I need a raise from Sal."
  • "I need a raise for all this ruckus."
  • "Sal's not paying me enough to do this work."
  • "Hi you're not allowed to go there."


  • The RatMan is one of the rarest mobs to be encountered in MoreCreeps and Weirdos. This is because they do not spawn naturally, unlike the majority of other mobs.