The Pyramid Guardian is the mob that controls the curse of the Pyramid. They do not spawn or despawn; they only despawn if the player exterminates them.


The Pyramid Guardian will break the curse and reveal the central tomb of the Pyramid once defeated. He does not yield any items.


The Pyramid Guardian will stay put, guarding the path to the central tomb of the Pyramid. He literally will not move from that one very spot on the terrain.


  • V1.83 ADDED: Pyramid Guardian


  • Pharaoh's Curse: Conquer a Pyramid and break the curse.


  • "You must find me."
  • "Kill me and break the curse."
  • "Now you must defeat the guardians."
  • "Yes."


  • The Pyramid Guardian looks identical to the Baby Mummy; the only difference is the Pyramid Guardian has a white texture.
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