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The pony girl.

The pony Girl is a mob that gives you ponies when you give her a Mobile Phone. When spawned, she will walk around asking for her mobile phone until you give her one. When you give her the mobile phone she will be able to sell you ponies. She is spotted with blonde hair and wearing a pony top.

You will need 50 dollars once she is given the phone to buy a pony. The pony gets delivered to you on a PonyCloud as soon as you give her the money.

The Pony Girl has no drops when killed and when she has the phone at hand you can't claim it back.

The Pony Girl was a mob that was originally planned in past updates; it had confirmed sound effects which could be heard in the Creepsounds folder. It also had a skin which can be found in The Pony Girl was predicted to act as jockey for the Pony (like the Camel and theCamel Jockey). 


  • V2.41-FIXED: Shrink Ray and Grow Ray looking for non-existent pony and pony Girl.


  • "Hey mister, ya wanna buy a Pony?"
  • "Ponies for sale."

"Fifty bucks for a Pony."

  • "Where did I put my cell phone?"
  • "Hey, what's up?"
  • "Hey, how is it going?"