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A bunch of Non Swimmers. One is sitting on a Towel while the others are drowning.

The Non Swimmer is a passive mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos. They spawn near water and sand and are invulnerable to punching which is a special characteristic the Non Swimmer has.


The Non Swimmer will not drop anything upon death, he will give the player 0-2 Lollies if he or she rescues the Non Swimmerf I rom drowning.


If he makes contact with water, his legs will disappear and will perform a drowning animation. He can be rescued by punching him towards the land (this is why he is invulnerable to punching). Once he makes it out of the water; he can be seen sitting on a Towel relaxing in the sun. Non-Swimmers will also occasionally be attacked by Robot Ted if they are nearby.


  • V2.20 ADDED: Non Swimmer who drowns in water, but offers a reward if saved!
  • V2.40 TWEAK: Non Swimmer easier to wrangle. Invulnerable to punching.


  • Life Guard On Duty: Rescue a Non Swimmer


  • "I'm drowning"
  • "Help me I can't swim"
  • "Oh my goodness I'm drowning"
  • "Help please I'm drowning"
  • "I don't like the water why, why, why did I get in the water?"
  • "I like chicken"
  • "Here take this as a reward"
  • "Here take this"
  • "Thanks for saving me"
  • "Here's your reward"
  • "Sorry I don't have anything to give you"
  • "I don't have anything, sorry"


  • The Non Swimmer doesn't walk like other human mobs, instead it will do an awkward cross walk. This is probably an animation bug that needs fixing.
  • Non Swimmers have no texture for thier feet, Freakstritch supposedly forgot to insert a texture for the feet (or the bottom of thier legs).