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Its baaackkk...gotosource.jpg

Source code on GitHub Here:


Currently only made Old Lady model, but I am not the best model maker. If somebody could help with code/models/anything else that would be appreciated! Just fork it to recommend the change/addition and I will approve of it. I hope to get a good team together to get this project on the road. Any contributes will of course be mentioned in the mod authors.


The original mod author of Creeps and Weirdos [freakstritch] has been inactive for 1 year 6 months 30 days as of this post. I sent him a message about my plan to update his mod months ago but received no reply. If he disapproves I ask him to PM me and tell me to remove this thread. Otherwise I will continue to work on my updated version. This can be used in modpacks in the future when it is released. All the code is my code. I did not use his code at all, so if I understood the rules right I should be fine. Again PM me if not and I will (reluctantly) delete this post. I just made this to help people who enjoyed this mod (like me) to enjoy it again. No adfly or any other money making linking will be used since its technically not my mod. freakstritch will of course be mentioned.