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The ManDog is a neutral mob that can be tamed to become the player's pet. They have a special ability to follow a Frisbee that has been thrown by the player. ManDogs are fast mobs that are hard to outrun if provoked.


The ManDog will drop 0-2 Bones upon death (much like the Skeleton mob). These Bones can then be used to tame Hotdogs.



The ManDog will wander around the forests eager for some Cooked Porkchops to feast on. If the player does happen to give the ManDog some Cooked Porkchops then it will become one of the player's allies.


The ManDog will always follow a Frisbee that has been thrown by the player. ManDogs will have a purple collar around their neck indicating that they are tamed and will follow any Frisbee the player tosses.


  • V1.8-ADDED: ManDog.
  • V1.81-FIXED: ManDog not despawning.
  • V1.91-ADDED: ManDog display collar when tamed.
  • V1.96-TWEAK: Adjusted spawnrates for Evil Scientist, Black Souls, ManDogs and DigBugs.
  • V2.10-FIXED: ManDog jumping to death during attempts to return frisbee to player.
  • V2.32-FIXED: ManDog collar visible when tamed.


  • Man's Best Friend: Craft a Frisbee.


  • There are two achievements in MoreCreeps and Weirdos titled "Man's Best Friend". This most likely needs to be fixed.