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The Lolliman is a neutral mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos that is in search of the Kid. He supplies many treats if the player does manage to reunite the kid with the Lolliman.


The Lolliman will yield 0-2 units of Raw Porkchop upon death. However, once reunited with the Kid, he will give a random amount of Lollies, Cake and Cookies.


The Lolliman will wander around the terrain in search for his boy. If provoked, he will run towards the player and attack until he or she dies. Once the Kid is reunited with the Lolliman, he will take off into the atmosphere, never to be seen again. However, sometimes the Lolliman may explode instead, so beware.


  • V2.10-ADDED: Lolliman who is searching for his Kid.
  • V2.11
    • ADDED: Lolliman achievement for reuniting him with his Kid.
    • TWEAK: Lolliman and Kid spawn less frequently.
    • TWEAK: Gives fewer treats when reunited with his Kid.
  • V2.12-TWEAK: Lolliman now has plan B. Stuck Lolliman will explode after giving treats so watch out!
  • V2.31-FIXED: Blorp, BubbleScum, Kid, Lolliman, Hippo and Goo Goat will now retaliate if attacked.


  • Sweet Tooth: Reunite the Kid with his Lolliman.


  • "Now where is he?"
  • "Now where is that child?"
  • "Oh where is my boy?"
  • "Oh dear me."
  • "Oh my."
  • "Oh dear."
  • "Oh no, I think I'm going to explode. Sorry Kid."
  • "Toodle-doo everybody."


  • The Lolliman is 3 blocks tall.