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The Lawyer From Hell (also known as Lawyer) is a neutral mob that wanders around the land looking for trouble. Once provoked, the player will receive a fine from the Lawyer. Once that fine exceeds the maximum of $2500 dollars, the lawyer will decide to take you to jail. Once the player has been imprisoned, the fine will reset. Don't mess around with these mobs!


The Lawyer From Hell will drop Paper and Money if the player attacks him enough. Besides that, he is a nuisance.


The Lawyer From Hell will wander around the terrain in search of the player. Once he is provoked, he will attempt to litigate the player by giving him or her a fine. If the player doesn't pay up then the fine will continue to rise until the Lawyer decides to send the player to Jail. More Lawyers will spawn if the player does not pay the fine. You can pay your fine by RIGHT-clicking with some Money in your hand; make sure you do not get too close to the Lawyer as he will nick your Money. Once the Lawyer From Hell is defeated, he will either turn into a Bum or an Undead Lawyer.


  • V1.99-ADDED: Lawyer's From Hell who try to steal your money, turning into Undead Lawyers or Bums when defeated.
  • V1.99a
    • TWEAK: Lawyers From Hell will sometimes jail you when near the player if the fine exceeds $2,500. Stay clear!
    • TWEAK: Lawyers' fines are now cumulative. Throw cash at them to lower your fine amount.
  • V2.00-TWEAK: Lawyers' fines reset to zero when thrown in jail.
  • V2.10-TWEAK: Lawyers only assess fines on player attacks or players' pet attacks.
  • V2.20-TWEAK: Lawyers drop more cash when bashed!
  • V2.31-FIXED: Lawyer From Hell not giving any fines or dropping any Money.
  • V2.40-TWEAK: Lawyer From Hell will only drop Money during player attacks.


  • Once a Lawyer From Hell is defeated, he will either turn into an Undead Lawyer or a Bum.
  • The Lawyer From Hell is one of the most popular mobs in the whole of MoreCreeps and Weirdos.