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The Kid is a neutral mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos. This character plays quite a big role in MoreCreeps and Weirdos since the player has to reunite him with the Lolliman.



The Kid will drop either 0-2 Raw Porkchops or 0-2 Sugar Cane upon death.


The Kid will wander around the land in search for the Lolliman. You can pick up the Kid and place him on your head to transport him to his Lolliman by standing close to the Kid, then RIGHT-clicking with the mouse. The player can also put the Kid down by performing the same actions required to get him up on your head.


  • V2.10-ADDED: Kid who is lost and asks the player to help him find his Lolliman.
  • V2.11-WEAK: Lolliman and Kid appear less frequently.


  • Sweet Tooth: Reunite the Kid with his Lolliman.


  • "I'm scared!"
  • "Where's my Lolliman?"
  • "Where's my Lolliman, I'm scared."
  • "Take me to my Lolliman and I will give you a prize."
  • "I'm mad at you, don't pick me up."
  • "Happy now, you killed an innocent kid."
  • "Please help me, I'm just a innocent little boy."
  • "This is fun!"
  • "Wee, thank you sir."
  • "Cookies are my favourite, I love cookies."
  • "Yay, my Lolliman!"
  • "Aww, man!"
  • 'Lolliman, Lolliman."


  • The Kid wears a red T-shirt with Robot Todd displayed on the front. This may hint at the kid possibly being the one who invented Robot Todd and Robot Ted.
  • The Kid is the equivalent in size to the Camel Jockey, both standing at one block in height.
  • The Kid seems to have the same speaking problem as Elmer Fudd when he speaks. Example: a quote of the Kid comes out like "Take me to my Lolliman and I will give you a pwize (notice the r is changed to a w)".
  • The Kid pronouces Lolliman as "Lollaman", which is most likely a speaking error.