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The Invisible Man in his visible form. Notice the stick in his left hand?

The Invisible Man in his invisible form.

The Invisible Man is a neutral mob that appears as a shy and dapper fellow. He is not so easy to find naturally in the game since he only spawns in forest biomes and plain biomes.


The Invisible Man will drop 0-2 Sticks upon his death. The Invisible Man will sometimes drop Cake, which can then be taken to the Hunchback.


The Invisible Man makes barely any noise in his invisible form and will wander around the land minding him own business. Once provoked, the Invisible Man will unleash his true identity and will seek revenge. After a while, he will go back to his invisible form and will return to his neutral self (until the player provokes him again).


  • V0.2-ADDED: Invisible Man.
  • V0.3-FIXED: Texture for Invisible Man.
  • V0.4-TWEAK: Invisible Man drops less Gold less frequently.
  • V0.55-TWEAK: Invisible Man should appear as a solitary figure instead of a group.
  • V0.6-TWEAK: Adjusted spawn rates for Guinea Pigs, Invisible Man and Rock Monster.
  • V0.9-FIXED: Invisible Man whistling when angry.
  • V1.3
    • TWEAK: Invisible Man will turn visible when hit. Invisible Man will turn invisible again after a while.
    • ADDED: Invisible Man angry voices. Now you can hear his displeasure!
    • TWEAK: Sometimes the Invisible Man carries Cake.
  • V1.7-FIXED: Invisible Man attacking when angry.


  • "That's naughty business."
  • "Oh, that really burns my buns!"
  • "Now, you shouldn't hit people."
  • "Oh, don't hit me, it's not nice."
  • "Come back here you little stinker."
  • "Oh, you're making me mad."
  • "Oh, this stinks."
  • "Oh, get over here you little dickens."
  • "Oh, what did you do that for?"
  • "That makes me very mad indeed."
  • "Doh, just forget it."


  • The Invisible Man is one of the first mobs to be introduced into MoreCreeps and Weirdos. He is supposedly the fourth mob to be introduced.