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The Hunchback is an allied mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos. The Hunchback is one of the most memorable mobs in the game because of his enigmatic appearance.


The Hunchback will yield 0-2 units of Sand upon death, which means there is not much point in killing them.


The Hunchback never stops talking—for it is always begging for cake.


The Hunchback will wander around the terrain, desperate for somebody to hand him some Cake. If the Hunchback is provoked, it will charge at the player furiously. It is very hard to outrun a Hunchback due to their insane speed. The best way to escape him is by heading towards water since Hunchbacks will still follow you but they will slow down, making it easy for the player to swim away.


The Hunchback can be tamed with Cake. Once he is tamed, he will fight off enemies for the player and follow the player wherever he goes. He cannot teleport to the player which can be a problem. If the player gives thier tamed Hunchback a Bone then it will summon five Hunchback Skeletons. These Skeletons will then fight for you by shooting their Bow and Arrows at the opponent. Hunchback Skeletons will disintergrate after about one minute.keep wolfs with you you if attacked by one


  • V1.2-ADDED: Hunchbacks.
  • V1.3
    • TWEAK: Hunchbacks will gobble up Cake and Cake block.
    • FIXED: Hunchbacks will follow you after they have Cake.
    • FIXED: Hunchback Skeleton now only attacks other mobs and creatures. They won't attack Guinea Pigs, Hunchbacks or SnowDevils.
  • V1.31
    • FIXED: Hunchback will now seek revenge if attacked before giving Cake.
    • ADDED: Hunchback sounds in gratitude for the beating his master gives him.
    • FIXED: Hunchback can now be beaten after being caked up!
    • FIXED: Hunchback Skeleton fighting themselves if caught in the crossfire.
  • V1.32
    • FIXED: Hunchback will fight back if not your servent. if he is, then wail away!
    • FIXED: Hunchback now faces demise if attacked.
    • TWEAK: Hunchback will demand more Cake after a while. He loves it!
  • V1.5-TWEAK: Adjusted Hunchback Skeleton to drop less Bones and Arrows upon death.
  • V1.7-FIXED: Hunchback that is caked up will now take small damage from you, but will still thank you.
  • V1.99-TWEAK: Giving Hunchbacks Cake is now cumulative. Stuff your Hunchbacks full of Cake!
  • V2.40-FIXED: Hunchback invincible.


  • Cake Crazy: Tame a Hunchback with Cake.


  • "I want your cake, sir."
  • "Cake please, oh yes."
  • "Please give me cake."
  • "Cake.........cake........I love cake......."
  • "Yes, here is your army sir."
  • "Oh thank you, master."
  • "Thank you."
  • "Oh thanks, master, thank you."
  • "Oh thank you, sir."
  • "Oh no!"


  • The Hunchback is based off the fictional character known as the Hunchback.