explore the world of Minecraft. They will follow you around on your adventures if you feed them enough red apples or wheat. Red apples are much more effective than wheat. Golden apples automatically tame them. If you tame them, they will fight (and die) for you. Each guinea pig has its own name and unique personality, and will tell you when it is wounded. Feeding it more apples or wheat will heal your pigs. If your guinea pig dies, it will spawn a tombstone that tells you a bit about them. If you buy a [[Life Gem]] from [[Sneaky Sal]], you can use this to bring them back to life!
   + SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICK on a guinea pig with empty hands to bring up the command menu. Here you can get all of the vital stats for your pig, give orders and even change their name! You can equip Leather, Iron, Gold or Diamond armor, and your pigs will increase their stats. Any part of the armor will work equally, tho diamond will be the strongest as it is on u. Be careful with your pigs and be sure to heal them if they are wounded. Guinea pigs can level up, adding increased health and attack strength with each level up until twenty! A Guinea Pig's health bar lets you know if your Pig needs some healing! Detailed stats are available with a paper in hand, or with SHIFT + RIGHT-CLICK. Level 20 guinea pigs are able to build a [[Guinea Pig Hotel]]. Just hold a diamond in your hand and right-click on a level 20 guinea pig. Make sure you have plenty of space; the hotel is 16x16 blocks. Guinea Pigs can be given commands with flowers. Craft a [[Guinea Pig Radio]] to get all fighting pigs on your head at once. Give your pigs sugar cane for a temporary speed boost! =) hehehe
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