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Two Goo Goats grazing on the grass.

The Goo Goat is a neutral mob that consists of goo and looks somewhat similar to the Slime mob. They act in a similar manner to Blorps since Goo Goats consume grass to grow while Blorps consume Leaves to grow. If you want to kill them, you will have to do it quite fast, because once a Goo Goat reaches maximum size, the hitbox will be very hard to reach (same problem with the Evil Snowman).


(For more information, see the Goo Donut article)

Goo Goats drop 0-6 Goo Donuts upon death depending on their size. These can then be used as projectiles and act in a similar manner to the Evil Egg.


Goo Goats wander around the land grazing on grass until provoked, then they will charge at the player in frustration and will never forgive you for harming them. Arrows are not recommended since most of the time the player will miss the Goo Goat completely and Goo Goats are so strong that it uses up about 25 arrows to kill them. Unless you desperatly need Goo Donuts, don't bother attacking a Goo Goat.


  • V1.7-ADDED: Goo Goats which fill up on grass and fills up with slime. Killing it will yeild Goo Donuts.
  • V1.8-TWEAK: Improved attacks for Goo Goats, Desert Lizards and Black Souls.
  • V1.81-FIXED: Cannot hit large Goo Goats. Bounding box size fixed.
  • V1.97-TWEAK: Goo Goats and Blorps will not attack MOST millionaire villagers.
  • V2.31-FIXED: Blorps, BubbleScum, Kid, Lolliman, Hippo and Goo Goat will now retaliate if attacked.


  • Goo Guts: Kill a Goo Goat.
  • Gooey Goat Grinder: Kill 10 Goo Goats.
  • Homer Simpson: Kill a whopping 25 Goo Goats.


  • Goo Goats are supposedly a combination of other mobs since most of the Goo Goats actions and abilities are very similar to what other mobs can already perform. Example: Goo Goats drop Goo Donuts which is a projectile while Evil Chickens drop Evil Eggs which is also a projectile.