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A Giant Chicken up close.

The Giant Chicken (also known as Evil Chicken) is an aggressive mob that doesn't spawn naturally. It can only spawn during one of the Evil Scientist's experiments and is the mob that is most likely to spawn during the experiment.


Giant Chickens will lay Evil Eggs, which can turn certain other mobs into their evil form, as well as be used as a projectile for defense. Giant Chickens will continue to lay Evil Eggs until they despawn or they are terminated. A Giant Chicken will yeild 0-2 units of feathers upon death.


Once a Giant Chicken is resurrected by the Evil Scientist they will slowly fly downwards towards the surface. Once they land, they will take action and guard the Evil Scientist and his tower from any intruders that may interrupt the experiment. Once they see the player, they will chase him or her at high speed making them very difficult to outrun and can be deadly when a group of them are chasing the player.


  • V1.8 ADDED: Evil Chickens who lay Evil Eggs


  • The Evil Chicken plays all of the same sound effects as the Chicken except for the sound effect played when they hatch an Evil Egg.