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Letter G preparing to attack the player.

G (also known as Letter G) is an aggressive mob that drops items that start with the letter G. He is rather big in size and speaks in an enigmatic manner. He is quite widely known due to his appearence.


Letter G will drop items starting with G, even items that the player cannot obtain normally. Here is a list of what Letter G drops.


Letter G will wander around aimlessly, making no attempt to avoid any obstacles in his path most of the time. Once he spots the player, he will charge at him or her and will give them a hard kick which will deal 1.5 HP damage to the player. If G is attacked by a projectile, he will be flung back about 40 blocks but will come back after a while (since they move slowly).


  • V1.99-ADDED: Letter G who drops stuff that starts with G like Grain, Golden Apples, Gold Bars, Golden Chestplates, etc.
  • V2.12-ADDED: Shrink Ray additional creeps: Bum, BubbleScum, Lawyer From Hell, G.
  • V2.20-TWEAK: Increased drop rate for Letter G.
  • V2.32-TWEAK: Reduced spawns on FloobShips, Big Baby and G.


  • The only item that the G will not drop that starts with G is the GemSword. This is because the GemSword is a powerful weapon and can only be earned by slaying the Castle King at the Battle Castle.
  • Letter G will drop Wheat as an item upon his death. However, Wheat does not start with G. Freakstritch has stated that Wheat is grain.
  • The sounds they make are GGGGG AND GEEEE