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Floobships are mobs that have the special ability to spawn floobs. It is quite large in size and is radioactive, it is recommended to avoid getting close to these mobs since they cause damage to the player. FloobShips have 70 HP.


The FloobShip doesn't drop any items that are relevant to the player, making it rather aggravating for the player.


Once a FloobShip spawns, it will ascend to elevation 150 (which is above the map) at top speed. Once it reaches that height, the FloobShip will slowly descend down towards the surface. Once it lands, it will begin to spit out Floobs that will attempt to vaporize the player. They most of the time remain still unless the player or a Floob accidentally hits it. A FloobShip will explode once it is terminated, which will kill the player instantly if he or she is too close.


  • V1.8-ADDED: FloobShips.
  • V1.81-TWEAK: FloobShips and Evil Scientist appear less frequently.
  • V1.83-TWEAK: FloobShips spawn less Floobs. Pitiful EARTHLINGS!
  • V1.94-FloobShip explosion upon death reduced.
  • V2.20-ADDED: Shrink Ray now works on all creeps except the following that have immunity: Schlump, Castle King, Preacher, Rocket Powered Horse Head and FloobShip.
  • V2.31-TWEAK: Reduced spawns for FloobShip, Big Baby and G. The FloobShip will now *rarely* attempt to delete your Minecraft and fill your computer with viruses.
  • V2.32-TWEAK: Increased the rate of cows being turned inside out by FloobShips.


  • The FloobShip is one of the only passive mobs in the whole of MoreCreeps and Weirdos. This is because it cannot harm the player physically; it is the Floobs that do the actual damage.
  • FloobShips are one of the mobs that are least likely to spawn on the terrain, which means they are one of the rarest mobs in MoreCreeps and Weirdos.