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The Floob is an aggressive mob that drops RayGuns and is closely related to the mob known as the FloobShip. They are rather popular due to their mysterious yet amusing behaviour. They have 12 HP and are difficult to kill most of the time.


Floobs drop 0-1 RayGun upon death. This can then be used as a weapon to protect yourself from other aggressive mobs that want to kill you.


Floobs are trying to take over the planet. They will shoot you from 20 blocks away maximum. Their RayGuns can melt blocks and set flammable blocks alight, causing havoc to the world. Floobs will act like a normal mob when the player isn't around their location.


  • V1.8-ADDED: Floobs, aliens who arrive in thier FloobShips and shoot RayGuns at you.
  • V1.81-ADDED: Floob sounds! Prepare for takeover!
  • V1.83-TWEAK: Weakened Floobs slightly to compensate for puny humans punarity.
  • V1.92
    • TWEAK: Floobs will not always drop RayGuns.
    • FIXED: Floobs will not shoot other Floobs and commit Floobicide!
    • FIXED: Floobs and Preachers will not spawn indoors.
    • FIXED: Floobs cannot melee attack through walls.
  • V1.94
    • TWEAK: Floob melee attack reduced.
    • TWEAK: Floob RayGun fire now more deadly at close range.
  • V2.40-FIXED: Floobs no longer fire at you from the great beyond or while otherwise engaged.


  • Floob Fatality: Vaporize a Floob.
  • Floobicide: Kill twenty Floobs FTW!


  • "You will be vaporized if you do not leave immediately."
  • "We Floobs are here to take over."
  • "Floobs for the win."
  • "We are taking over the planet, you will not defeat us."
  • "We are here to get you, look out."
  • "We have claimed this land as ours, please leave now."
  • "Ouch that hurts, oh boy."
  • "Oh my gosh, that hurt."
  • "Oh, I wouldn't do that if I were you."
  • "Oh, you better stop that, you better stop it."


  • The Floob is one of the most overpowered mobs in the whole of MoreCreeps and Weirdos.