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A group of newly spawned Evil Snowmen.

The Evil Snowman is an aggressive mob that doesn't spawn naturally. They only spawn during one of the Evil Scientist's botched experiments. Evil Snowmen shrink in warm biomes and grow bigger in cold biomes such as Taiga biomes.


The Evil Snowman will yield 0-8 units of Snow or Ice upon death. Ice is a non-renewable resource in Minecraft, making the Evil Snowman a rather useful mob.


Once the Evil Snowmen have spawned from the Evil Scientist's tower, they will wander around, guarding his tower from any intruders. If they spot the player, they will bounce towards him or her, shrinking during the process. If the Evil Snowman spawns in a hot biome such as a desert, it will slowly melt into nothing. If it spawns in a cold biome such as a Taiga biome, it will continue to expand until it despawns or it wanders into an obstacle that may harm it. It is recommended to kill an Evil Snowman as soon as possible in snowy regions because once they reach a certain size the player cannot hit them without taking a hit due to the hitbox being right in the middle of the giant Evil Snowman. This most likely needs fixing.


  • V1.98-ADDED: Evil Snowmen who act as one of the Evil Scientist's evil mutations. They shrink in warm biomes and grow in cold biomes.
  • V1.99-ADDED: Sound effects for the Evil Snowman.


  • Bad Snow Day: Kill an Evil Snowman.
  • Tiny Snowflakes: Kill a tiny Evil Snowman.
  • Huge Snowballs: Kill a huge Evil Snowman.


  • The Evil Snowman is the only evil mob that wasn't created during the V1.8 update for MoreCreeps and Weirdos.
  • Evil Snowmen are the mobs that are least likely to spawn during one of the Evil Scientist's botched experiments.