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The Evil Scientist is a neutral mob that conducts experiments and unleashes his mutations in order to kill the player.

He is popular due to his enigmatic behaviour.



The Evil Scientist will yield 0-2 units of Sand upon death, which means the player should not attempt to kill the Evil Scientist.


The Evil Scientist will wander around aimlessly making no attempt to avoid any obstacle in its way. After a while, a tower will spawn and the Evil Scientist will climb to the top to conduct the horrifying experiment. He unleashes his mutations during the process; they are:

After a while, the tower will vanish and the Evil Scientist will become truly evil and will seek out the player and kill him or her.


  • V1.8-ADDED: Evil Scientist that conducts experiments and unleashes his mutations: Evil Chicken, Evil Creature and Evil Pig.
  • V1.83-FIXED: Evil Scientist towers should not cut into geometry.
  • V1.90-FIXED: Evil Scientists should remove the bottom of thier towers.
  • V1.91-ADDED: Shocking sounds from the Evil Scientist's tower.
  • V1.94-TWEAK: Evil Scientist towers no longer contain Bedrock.
  • V1.95-ADDED: Glow effects for Black Soul and Evil Scientist electricity.
  • V1.96
    • TWEAK: Adjusted spawnrates for Evil Scientist, DigBug, Black Soul and ManDog.
    • FIXED: Evil Scientist experimental electricity blending mode.
  • V1.97-TWEAK: Adjusted spawnrates for Black Soul, DigBug and Evil Scientist.
  • V1.98-TWEAK: Evil Scientist has more misfortunes - more botched experiments per tower.
  • V2.10-FIXED: Madman Evil Scientist restored after save.
  • V2.32-FIXED: Evil Scientist sparks do not drop Coal.
  • V2.40-ADDED: Hurt sounds for Evil Scientist.


The Evil Scientist is one of the two mobs that can make structures. The Pyramid Guardian is the other mob that can make structures.