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The Evil Creature is an aggressive mob that doesn't spawn naturally. It can only spawn during one of the Evil Scientist's botched experiments or inside a Pyramid. They have 80 HP in total.


The Evil Creature will drop 0-3 units of Bread or Raw Fish upon death, making it quite a useful mob when it comes to hunger. However, they are difficult to kill.


Once an Evil Creature spawns, it will usually remain at the base of the Evil Scientist's tower. They don't tend to wander away from the tower as much as the other mobs do. Once the player is nearby, they will approach him or her preparing to attack, flinging the player into the air during the process. This will cause damage to the Player when they land.


  • V1.8-ADDED: Evil Creature.
  • V1.95-TWEAK: Evil Creature is now stronger.


  • "Duh, where did he go?'
  • "Duh, where is he?"
  • "Oh hello."
  • "Hi."
  • "I want to play with you."


  • The Evil Creature is the second-biggest mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos while the biggest mob to date is the Big Baby.
  • The Evil Creature is the only mob that can swing its arms in a ninety-degree angle.