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Green bugs that love to dig holes in the hopes that a BubbleScum will fall in and become lunch! A curious side effect of digested BubbleScum meat is an exploding fountain of delicious cookies!

The DigBug is a neutral mob that digs holes into the terrain in search for an innocent BubbleScum to fall in. DigBugs can mine minerals such as Coal and Iron ore. However, the player has to smelt the mineral.


DigBugs provide a lot of Cookies if the player lobs an innocent BubbleScum into their hole. These cookies can then be used to tame Camels, Rocket Giraffes and Zebras. DigBugs will yield one of these items upon death:

  • 0-2 units of Moss Stone
  • 0-2 units of Coal (ore)
  • 0-2 units of Iron (ore)
  • 0-2 units of Cobblestone


DigBugs wonder around digging holes into the terrain of your Minecraft world, waiting for an innocent BubbleScum to fall in. When attacked, the DigBug will turn hostile, and will fling you high up into the air, dealing large fall damage. Do not directly attack a DigBug; instead, use lava, water, sand, or gravel. Due to their large amount of health, arrows are not recommended.


  • V1.95-ADDED: DigBugs who dig holes in order to attract BubbleScums. They spray a fountain of Cookies after digesting them.
  • V1.96
    • TWEAK: Spawn rates for Black Soul, ManDog, Evil Scientist and DigBug adjusted downward.
    • TWEAK: DigBugs fill in thier holes once they are satiated with BubbleScums.
  • V1.97
    • FIXED: DigBugs are no longer ungodly strong.
    • TWEAK: Limit max spawns for Mummies, Black Soul, Evil Scientist and DigBug.
    • TWEAK: DigBugs only dig one hole.
  • V1.98
    • TWEAK: DigBugs will fill in their holes if there is no BubbleScum to digest.
    • TWEAK: DigBugs mine ores they come across as they dig! Look in their holes to find them.
  • V2.40-TWEAK: DigBugs will not dig holes in Hotdog Heaven.


  • DigBugs will always remove at least 16 blocks away from the world terrain whenever they decide to dig.
  • After digging a hole, the DigBug releases bubbles. This is used to attract BubbleScum.