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A green Desert Lizard

Desert Lizards (also known as Lizards) are aggressive mobs that roam around around desert biomes. They spit fireballs if they see the player from more then 10-30 blocks (metres) away. They usually spawn in groups of 1-4.


Desert Lizards drop 0-2 units of Cooked Porkchops upon death making them quite a useful mob when it comes to hunger.


Desert Lizards roam around desert biomes in search for something to eat (you). They will spit fireballs at the player when he or she is nearby. They come in a variety of 5 colours; red, blue, green, yellow and brown.


  • V1.1 ADDED: Five varieties of Desert Lizards who are always on the lookout for a snack - YOU!
  • V1.2 FIXED: Improved tail animation for Desert Lizards
  • V1.8 FIXED: Improved attack for Goo Goats, Desert Lizards and Black Souls
  • V1.83
  • TWEAK: Desert Lizard range reduced to 30 blocks
  • TWEAK: Desert Lizards fire less frequently


  • Desert Lizards are commonly mistaken for dragons
  • If a Desert Lizard accidently hits an agressive or neutral mob that mob will attempt to attack the Desert Lizard
  • An easy way to defeat a Desert Lizard is to lure it into a Cactus (since there are lots of Cacti in deserts). This not only works for Desert Lizards but many other mobs as well
  • Another simple way to defeat the Desert Lizard is by luring two Desert Lizards together and postponing yourself at the perfect angle so that they both hit each other. This will cause them to fight until one of them dies.