Castle King

The Castle King holding his mighty GemSword.

The Castle King is an aggressive mob that only spawns in the Battle Castle. He is the one in charge of the Castle Guards and the Castle Critters. He is rather sluggish in movement but deals a lot of damage if he gets too close to the player.


The Castle King is the mob to defeat to earn the mighty GemSword. You have to fight him with all five Castle Gems in your inventory. They can be found throughout the castle. If you manage to slay the Castle King without all the gems, he will drop 0-1 Iron Swords upon his death as well as 0-1 Books.


The Castle King usually remains on the top of his castle awaiting the player with all five gems. He will charge at the player once he or she arrives at the top of the castle, lobbing his GemSword at you. He is sluggish in movement like the Black Soul and the Mummy.



  • "My castle..."
  • "Guards, help me!"
  • "Guards, stop prancing around and help!"
  • "Guards, you look magnificent."
  • "Guards, you're looking nice today."
  • "Guards, help me with this fine looking intruder."
  • "You boys better not lose your donuts."
  • "My foot!"
  • "My head!"


  • The Castle King is one of the seven mobs that takes place in the Battle Castle.
  • If the player switches the game mode to peaceful, the Castle King will despawn as well as all the other mobs in the castle. When the player turns the game mode off of peaceful, the Castle King won't respawn, which means the player will lose his or her chance to earn the GemSword. This is most likely a bug that needs fixing.
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