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A bunch of Castle Guards on the top of the Battle Castle.

The Castle Guard is an aggressive mob that only spawns in the Battle Castle. They do not spawn naturally like most other mobs do; instead they only spawn with the help of a Mob Spawner found inside the castle.


(For more information, see the Donut article)

Castle Guards will drop 0-2 Donuts upon their death. These can then be used to heal the player's health.


Castle Guards will fight for their lives to defend the Castle King. They always carry a mallet in their right hand and will hit the player, causing 0.5 HP damage to the player.


-V2.10-ADDED: Castle Guards


  • "The king is so nice, don't you think?"
  • "We're here to protect you king"
  • "Yes sir, I don't see any trouble around here."
  • "There's no trouble here...heheh."
  • "Oh, there's nothing to worry about here king."
  • "This castle is safe and secure."
  • "You look a little tense, do you need a massage?"
  • "Floyd, get over here and help me."
  • "Floyd, where are you?"
  • "Floyd. have you seen my slippers?"
  • "Where is he?"
  • "Floyd, get over here we've got guarding to do!"
  • "Floyd, we're supposed to be on guard duty where are you?"
  • "Ahhh, that donut I had was delicious."
  • "Oh, these donuts are delicious."
  • "Floyd, bring me another donut please."
  • "Floyd, please bring me another donut."
  • "Floyd, I'm out of donuts, help!"
  • "Oh, that king got that new sword. It's so super!"
  • "Floyd, you're supposed to clean off these cobwebs. Where are you?"
  • "Haha! That tickles!"
  • "I'm dead."
  • "There he is!"


  • The Castle Guard is one of the seven mobs that appear in the Battle Castle specifically.