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A Castle Critter on the drawbridge of a Battle Castle.

The Castle Critter is a small, aggressive mob that only spawns in the Battle Castle. It is considered a nuisance but it has a chance of dropping bones or raw porkchops.


The Castle Critter will drop 0-2 Raw Porkchops as well as 0-2 units of Bones upon death. This does not serve much purpose to the player.


The Castle Critter will charge at the player if spotted. They have a special jump attack which makes them rather difficult to outrun. However, they are easy to slay.


  • V2.10-ADDED: Castle Critters.


  • The Castle Critter is the smallest mob to take place in the Battle Castle.
  • The Castle Critter is the second-smallest mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos while the smallest mob is the Baby Mummy.