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Camel Jockeys drop 0-2 Raw Porkchops upon death, which doesn't serve much use to the player. Besides that, they are a nuisance to the player. They also drop 0-2 Sugar Cane upon death.


The Camel Jockey will wander around the land in search for a Camel to mount. He will attack the player if spotted. The Camel Jockey can turn wild Camels bad once this happens. The Camel Jockey will command the Camel to spit at the player causing 0.5 HP damage.


  • V1.99a-ADDED: Camel Jockeys. These diminutive, power-mad freaks love turning good Camels bad and giving you nightmares.
  • V2.10-FIXED: Camel Jockeys can no longer steal tamed Camels.


  • "Where-a my Camel?"
  • "Now you geddit."
  • "I'm gonna break-a your face."
  • "Git over here!"
  • "I git you on my Camel now."
  • "I git you POOTIS!"
  • "Now I'm on my Camel."
  • "I git you on the Camel."
  • "Why you do that?"
  • "MAMA MIA!"
  • "Come here! You Coward!"


  • Camel Jockeys are the only mobs that have been known to mount other mobs automatically.
  • Sometimes the player can hit a Camel Jockey and he won't bounce back like normal mobs do when they take damage.
  • Camel Jockeys are the exact height as the Kid, with a height of 1 block.