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Camels are tameable mobs that can be tamed with cookies. They are used for transportation and come in a variety of colours such as white, grey, black, brown and yellow


. They usually spawn in groups of 1-4.


Camels won't drop anything. Their purpose is for transportation, besides that they don't have much purpose. Shift and right click to open up a menu that allows you to change their name.


Camels will wander around desert biomes, making grunting noises. Like most mobs; they shall make no attempt to stay away from obstacles that may harm them. If a Camel Jockey mounts on the Camel, the Camel will become hostile to the player.


  • V1.99a ADDED: Camels what are fun-loving and free, until a Camel Jockey turns them sour!
  • V2.00 TWEAK: Camels are now 2 blocks wide
  • V2.10
  • FIXED: Camel setting saved correctly - fixes tamed Camels going AWOL
  • TWEAK: Adjusted cookies needed for tamed Camels - random 5-15
  • V2.40 TWEAK: Camels have been reduced in size


  • Sand Humper: Tame a Camel

Camel Jockey[]

( For more information see the Camel Jockey article)

If a Camel Jockey mounts onto a wild Camel the Camel will become hostile and seize the player by spitting at you, this will cause 0.5 hearts of damage to the player.


  • It isn't recommended to tame a Camel because it uses up many cookies. They are rather fragile and tend to pass out quickly. nless you are overloaded with cookies, it's unnecessary to tame a Camel.