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These are the two different skins for the bum; Filthy (left) and dressed (right)

Bums are neutral mobs that supply all kinds of goodies if the player gives them something precious. They are dressed in torn-up clothes and underwear in their normal form while dressed somewhat similar to the player's defualt skin once they have been given a valuable. The Bum was planned by Okushama, supposedly one of Freakstritch's close friends.


A Bum will drop 0-1 units of Cooked Porkchop upon death. If the player gives a Bum either Iron, Gold or Diamond they will provide various items in return. Sometimes a Bum can make a sucker out of the player by not giving anything back at all; this means the player must be careful when giving their precious items to a Bum. 


Bums will wander around aimlessly like many of the other mobs in MoreCreeps and Weirdos, urinating once in a while (on average every 3 minutes). If the player gives either a flower, a bucket or a Lava Bucket to a Bum while it is urinating, the player will earn achievements. There is a chance that a Bum may give back Obsidian or an empty bucket if the player gives the Bum a Lava Bucket to urinate in.


  • V0.55-ADDED: Dirty Bums
  • V0.9-TWEAK:
    • Bums will sometimes make a sucker out of you.
    • Bums are not as generous.
  • V1.4-FIXED: Once a bum cheats on you; you can't bribe him any longer.
  • V1.8-FIXED: Bums save exploit fixed - No longer can you cheat the dirty Bums.
  • V1.95-FIXED: Clean-shaven Bums remain dressed after a reload.
  • V1.97-ADDED: Bums urinate and beautify the world.
  • V1.98-FIXED:
  • Bums urinating once given valuables.
  • Bums may produce Obsidian if given lava buckets when urinating - they may also give you back an Empty Bucket.
  • V1.99-TWEAK: Bums will exhibit better bladder control and not urinate so often.
  • V2.10-TWEAK: Dirty Bum urination more realistically flows. Still a spray because a stream is too boring to watch for long periods of time.
  • V2.12-ADDED: Shrink Ray additional creeps: Bum, BubbleScum, Lawyer From Hell, G.
  • V2.40-FIXED: Bums not attacking players that pick on them.


  • Urine My Dreams: Give a urinating Bum a Flower.
  • A Pot To Pee In: Give a urinating Bum a Bucket.
  • The volcano: Give a urinating Bum a Lava Bucket.


  • "Oh, I don't want that"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Oh, thank you sir. Here, this is for you."
  • "Thanks a lot, sucker."
  • "Get away kid I'm leaking."
  • "Not now, I'm doing something."


  • The Bum is the 6th mob to be added in the game
  • You can turn off the urination in the configuration file, however you will be unable to earn the Bum achievements.
  • Bums will cause Flowers to regenerate.
  • Bums look somewhat like Steve (the player's default skin).