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The BubbleScum is a passive mob that spawns in groups ranging from 2-4. They provide many MoreCreeps and Weirdos achievements.



BubbleScums won't drop anything. The player can earn achievements by lobbing a BubbleScum off of high terrain. If a BubbleScum wanders into a hole with a DigBug inside it then the DigBug will consume it and supply many cookies to the player that can then be used to tame Rocket Giraffes, Camels and Zebras.


BubbleScums will wander around aimlessly, making no attempt to avoid any obstacle in their way. However, they usually try to jump over blocks in their path. The player can right-click on the BubbleScum to make it sit on the player's head; this is a way of transporting a BubbleScum to another location.

Blorps are commonly seen attempting to kill BubbleScums for unknown reasons. The Blorp usually ends up killing the BubbleScum since Blorps have more HP than BubbleScums, unless the Blorp took damage before encountering the Bubblescum or the Blorp is at minimum size (see the Blorp article for more information).


  • V1.95 ADDED: BubbleScums who wander around blowing bubbles and love to take piggyback rides.
  • V1.96 FIXED: DigBugs fill in their holes when they are satiated with BubbleScums.
  • V1.99 FIXED: BubbleScum achievements now awarded correctly.
  • V1.99a TWEAK: BubbleScum now on the Spawnlist and will show up randomly.
  • V2.12 ADDED: Shrink Ray works on additional creeps: Bum, BubbleScum, Lawyer From Hell, G.
  • V2.31 FIXED: Blorps, BubbleScum, Kid, Lolliman, Hippos and Goo Goats will retaliate when attacked.


  • Bubble Bobble: Drop a BubbleScum from 10 blocks high.
  • Pretty in Pink: Drop a BubbleScum from 25 blocks high.
  • I Am Scum: Drop a BubbleScum from 50 blocks high.
  • MERCILESS: Drop a BubbleScum from 100 blocks high.


  • If you look at a BubbleScum carefully; you can see that its eyes and mouth are pulsing in and out of its face.
  • BubbleScums wear polished black shoes with pulled-up striped socks.