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Blorps are neutral mobs that supply BlorpCola that can then be used to recover the player's health. They wander primarily around forest biomes eating leaves from entire trees. Also they can delete your account, so be careful.


Blorps will yield 0-6 units of BlorpCola upon death depending on their size. Blorpcola can then be used to immediately recover the player's health.


Blorps will wander around aimlessly eating leaves off of trees. Leaves will make the Blorp grow; the bigger the Blorp, the more BlorpCola is yielded upon death. Blorps will teminate other Blorps, BubbleScums and Rocket Giraffes nearby. The reason why Blorps terminate other mobs on sight (including their own) and not the player is unknown.


  • V1.5-ADDED: Blorps which will grow as they eats leaves and drop BlorpCola.
  • V1.97-FIXED: Blorps will no longer attack most millionaire villagers.
  • V2.31
  • V2.40-FIXED: Blorps getting stuck in trees and not getting even with the player.


  • Cola Chugger: Suck down ten cans of delicious BlorpCola.


  • The Blorp was the 13th mob to be introduced into MoreCreeps and Weirdos.
  • Blorps come in four different sizes: small, medium, large and giant.
  • Blorp Cola tastes like store brand cola.