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Black Souls are aggresive mobs that lurk in unlit areas, caves and pyramids. They are rather sluggish in movement and supply non-renewable resources making them rather useful mobs. They deal a lot of damage when the player is attacked, if the player were on full health a Black Soul could terminate the player in just three hits.


Black Souls have a 90% chance of yeilding 1-5 units of coal upon death while having a 10% chance of yeilding 1-5 units of diamonds. This makes the Black Soul a rather useful mob since coal and diamonds are non-renewable resources.


The Black Soul is rather slugish in movement and always aims for the player. They can be outran rather easily, despite thier sluggish movement. However, Black Souls deal a lot of damage to the player, and posses a lot of health, as well. If more than one happen to corner the player, then the chance of survival is slim.


  • V0.1 ADDED: Black Soul
  • V0.9 TWEAK: Black Souls will now drop more coal and diamonds
  • V1.8 TWEAK: Improved Black Soul attack
  • V1.81 FIXED: The Black Soul attack
  • V1.95 ADDED: Glow effects for the Black Soul
  • V1.97 TWEAK: Spawn rate for Black Soul adjusted
  • V2.40 FIXED: Black Souls not attacking player


  • The Black Soul was first introduced on the initial realese date making it the first mob in More Creeps and Weirdos
  • The Black Soul has been criticized as the scariest mob to date