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Giant baby is a massive aggressive mob in More Creeps and Weirdos. Despite its cuteness, its vicious behavior can easily kill the player if they get too close. They have 22 HP in total.


Big Baby will drop 6-15 units of Flowers upon death. He can also be transformed into a Schlump that provides a large variety of items.


The Big Baby will wander around the terrain aimlessly, pulling bizarre facing during the movement. Once the player encounters a Big Baby it will charge towards the player preparing to chew on him or her.


  • V2.10 ADDED: Big Baby
  • V2.32 TWEAK: Reduced spawns on FloobShip, G and Big Baby

How to turn your Big Baby into a Schlump[]

Step 1[]

You need to build a Baby Jar to obtain the Big Baby. (For more information see the Baby Jar article)

Step 2[]

Finding a Shrink Ray can be difficult in many ways you can either purchase one from Sneaky Sal or find one in a Battle Castle. Purchasing one costs about 120-190 dollars using Money.

Step 3[]

Now you are fully equipped with the items needed to capture a Big Baby. Catching one may be dificult; first you need to find a Big Baby, this shouldn't be too hard since the Big Baby can easily be seen due to his massive size. Once you find one, get it's attention by approching it. Make sure you have the Shrink Ray in your hand. When ready, fire by RIGHT-CLICK-ing repetitively for about 9-13 seconds. You should notice the Big Baby has shrunk in size.

Now hold the Baby Jar and RIGHT-CLICK on the baby. If a message appears then it means you have not shrunk it down enough. Take your time trying to get the perfect size because if you shrink it down too much, it will disintegrate into nothing.

Step 4[]

Now that you have the baby in the Baby Jar, it is time to take it home and empty the jar on the floor. Your house has to be in a suitable environment in order to empty the Baby Jar. See Schlump for housing requirements.


  • The Big Baby is the second-biggest mob in MoreCreeps and Weirdos to date.