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Baby Mummies are small aggressive mobs that are always up to mischief when around the player. They come in a variety of sizes and colours such as red, purple, yellow, or grey. They are based on the Mummy.


Each Baby Mummy will drop 0-2 sand blocks upon death, which makes sand a renewable resource in this mod. They can also drop 0-2 units of wool.


Baby Mummies will roam around sandy areas seeking the player If the Baby Mummy sees the player it will atempt to bury you in their sand traps. These sand traps suffocate the player; the Baby Mummy is considered an aggrevating mob. They will burn to death like zombies and skeletons at high noon (light level 15).


  • V1.4 ADDED: Baby Mummies who try to catch you in thier sand traps. Stay away from sand!
  • V1.7 TWEAK: Made Baby Mummy traps a bit harder on the player


Baby Mummies will only yeild sand or wool upon death however, regular Mummies will drop either sand, wool, sandstone or BandAids.