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The Army Guy is a neutral mob that can be turned into your loyal sergeant as they will fight for you until they are dead, losing body pieces in the process like Limbs, legs and body parts. They supply Limbs that can be used to make the Armsword. They come in two colours: Red uniform with white hair and khaki uniform with blond hair (as seen in the picture).


Army Guys will drop 0-2 units of arrows upon death as well as dropping 0-1 units of guns. They will drop several limbs during battle, which can be obtained and used to make the Armsword.


Army Guys wander around aimlessly, making no attempt what so ever to avoid any obstacle. The player can summon them using an Army Gem, they will teleport to the player if he/she moves too far and will fight any aggressive mob that is provoked. They lose body peices during battle; here is the order they lose their peices:

  • Helmet
  • Right arm
  • Left leg
  • Right leg
  • Gun
  • Left arm
  • Body
  • Head


  • V2.10-ADDED: Army Guys that can fight for the player and will lose their arms and legs in battle.
  • V2.12
    • FIXED: Stop Army Guy heads carrying weapons. After all, it's only a head, how can it hold a gun?
    • FIXED: Army Guys will incur fines when attacking lawyers on your behalf.


  • "I thought I saw something over there."
  • "Let's go check it out."
  • "Yes sir."
  • "That tickles."
  • "Yeah, something's wiggling there."
  • "Where are my legs?"
  • "Oh, my arm!"
  • "Oh, I don't need that."
  • "I can't feel my legs!"
  • "Oh, I'm only a head now!"
  • "I'm only a head but I can still get you!"
  • "Goodbye leg."
  • "That's it, I'm out of here!"
  • "Watch out, I have a gun!"
  • "That's all I've got, I'm out of here."


  • You can summon an Army Guy using the Army Gem wherever you are standing as long as you RIGHT-CLICK with the Army Gem in your hand.
  • It is not recommended to send your Guinea Pig or Hotdog into battle when allied Army Guys are around as they may accidentally shoot your pets. Wait until the Army Guy(s) is dead before putting your pet(s) into battle.
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