MoreCreeps and Weirdos Wiki

The Achievements you can achieve in the mod MoreCreeps and Weirdos


The Jailbird Convection: Rescue 10 Prisoners from Jail

The Great Escape: Rescue 5 Prisoners from Jail

Free At Last: Rescue a Prisoner from Jail

The Zipper: Tame a Zebra

Three-Headed-Schlump: Raise a Schlump to full maturity

Life Guard On Duty: Rescue a Non-swimmer from drowning

Sweet Tooth: Reunite the Lolliman with his Kid

Man's Best Friend: Craft a Frisbee with Clay and Lapis Lazuli.

Calling All Pigs: Craft a Guinea Pig Radio.

Go To Hell: Kill a Preacher.

False Idol: Kill a Preacher with money

Cola Chugger: Suck down ten cans of delicious Borp Cola.

Pig Whisperer: Tame a wild Guinea Pig.

Pig Be Pimpin: Raise a Guinea Pig to Level five.

Baby General: Oversee the training of a level ten Guinea Pig.

POWERHOUSE: Command and lead a Guinea Pig to level twenty!

Donald Trump: Build a Guinea Pig Hotel and relax.

Riding Tall: Tame a Rocket Giraffe.

Rocket Jockey: Craft some rockets.

Rocket Rampage: Kill fifty creatures with rockets.

Pharaoh's Curse: Conquer a pyramid and break the curse!

Floob Fatality: Vaporize a Floob.

Floobicide: Kill twenty Floobs FTW!

Goo Guts: Kill a Goo Goat.

Gooey Goat Grinder: Kill ten Goo Goats.

Homer Simpson. Kill a whopping twenty five Goo Goats.

Mister Freeze. Tame a wild SnowDevil.

Cake Crazy: Tame a cake-loving Hunchback.

Dust to Dust: Destroy a Rock Monster.

Urine My Dreams: Give a urinating Bum a flower.

A Pot To Pee In: Give a urinating Bum an empty bucket.

The Volcano: Give a urinating Bum a lava bucket.

Chicken Scratch: Scrape together 100 dollars.

Half G: Fill your wallet with 500 dollars.

Where's Jeeves?: Get a big pile of 1000 dollars.

Bubble Bobble: Drop a BubbleScum from 10 blocks high.

Pretty in Pink: Drop a BubbleScum from 25 blocks high.

I Am Scum: Drop a BubbleScum from 50 blocks high.

MERCILESS: Drop a BubbleScum from 100 blocks high.

Bad Snow Day: Kill an Evil Snowman.

Tiny Snowflake: Kill a tiny Evil Snowman.

Big Snowballs: Kill a huge Evil Snowman.

AVAILABLE in version 1.99

Man's Best Friend: Tame a Hotdog.

Little Nipper: Own a level 5 Hotdog

Hot Dog Buns: Own a level 10 Hotdog.

Jaws of Death: Own a level 25 Hotdog.

Lassie Come Home: Build the Hot Dog Heaven palace.

Sand Humper: Tame a Camel